Love the stitch you’re in with LimaLoops. LimaLoops is a crochet experience that promotes  self-love, awareness and sisterhood that is based in Boston, MA.

What started out as making headwarmers in a college dorm, Khalima Botus-Foster, launched her own brand in the midst of starting an internship. In addition to doing two summer courses and working a retail job on the weekend.

 LimaLoops gives you sisterhood in every stitch. Creating a network of beautiful people and every lasting relationship with not only others, but with themselves.

LimaLoops has a wide range of quality pieces for all year round. Garments such as Hats, Head-warmers, Scarves for the cooler months. Along with Halters Bralettes, Bikinis for the warmth and Accessories such as chokers for anytime of the year. 

Processing: 3-6 weeks typically for certain pieces
(Noted in production description)
Khalima Botus-Foster
Owner & Founder of LimaLoops. 

Instagram: @lima.loops


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